Al Gore in Portland re Global Warming

Vice President Al Gore will be in Portland on Tuesday, September 6th, to present a slideshow on global warming. The event will be held at the Oregon Convention Center at 6:30 PM in ballrooms 201 and 202. Doors open at 6:00 PM. It is free to the public. Seating is limited. Spread the word.

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  1. Can’t Wait!

    Great News!

    To see the man who was the last elected President will be special. He is so smart that just to listen will be an honor. What could have been.

    Need to cram in some more reading of “Earth in the Balance” by the former Senator.


  2. Well, I tried to go and hear the good man speak but, I, like 1000 others, didn’t find room at the inn. The Convention Center staff had added 500 seats to the 1000 ordered by event sponsors but still people were pouring into the OCC when I left.

    I guess global warming (and the last elected president) are still a big draw in Portland. Also heartening to see the hundreds of bicycles parked out front of the Convention Center. Quite apropos of the talk’s subject.

  3. A few people were banging on the doors to let them in. Mr. Gore needed to be in San Francisco this morning but he agreed to stay in Portland to do a second lecture at 8:30 but I don’t know if it happened.

    I was inside for the 6:30 lecture, ten rows back. Mr. Gore was great. He is so well informed about the issues dealing with Global Warming and Global Climate Change. One of his slides shows the 400,000 year cycle of Carbon Dioxide build up and the corresponding rise and fall of the average temperature worldwide.

    How storms will not grow in number says the computer models with the increases of CO2 and water temperature increases but the duration of the storm and its water content and the wind speeds each storm will generate. He spoke alittle about New Orleans but then went right into the lecture. He has the information down with all the lectures he has done and all the years he has studied the issue. Plus his slides included 2005 images and data. The “cannaries in the coal mine” are the polar ice caps and Greenland. He spent alot of time showing all the glaciers around the world that are disappearing. He explained the worlds warm and cold currents and the pump in the North Atlantic.

    He was funny at times and very serious many other times. He congratulated Portland on reducing our green house gases “below 1990 levels”, which I then overheard someone behind comment “thats wrong”. OK! OK! It should have said “to within 1 percent above the 1990 level of greenhouse gases”.

    He is so far ahead of other politicans. I was voting for Clinton back in the 1990s because of Gore and what he brought to the table.

    Oh what we sow. But Big Oil kept him out of the White House eight years ago. I sure hope he tries again. And I hope he using the Internet for his fundraising. But even the Internet can be shutdown like the media is in New Orleans.

    Ray Whitford

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