This hit my inbox today:

2005 Pedestrian Crosswalk Enforcement Action

The Enforcement Action was very successful in raising awareness about the ‘Stop and Stay Stopped’ Oregon Crosswalk Law that requires motorists to stop for pedestrians when they are in the motorist’s lane, the lane right before the motorist’s lane, or the lane immediately after the motorist’s lane.

Police issued a total of 25 citations and 3 warnings to drivers that violated the law during this Enforcement Action. Violation of the law carries a fine of $237.

During the event multiple people that work in the area applauded Police and Transportation for their work in bringing more attention to this crossing.

Moira Green, Lloyd District Traffic Management Association, provided the news media with her own personal near-miss pedestrian crossing experience at this location and expressed her strong concerns for the safety of workers and community residents that use this crossing.

Enforcement Details
Location: 800 Block of NE Multnomah St. (Tuesday, August 23, 2005)

*Total Citations Issued: 25
*Total Warnings Issued: 3

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