My Commute: Jeff Lennan

My Commute: 7th and NE Graham St to SW 12th and Morrison St

About 75% of the time, when I go into the office, I ride my bike.

When I do, my route is NE 7th St South to Broadway. I turn West and ride down to the Broadway Bridge. At around 11th, I turn South and go across the Pearl and Burnside into SW. On Morrison I turn west and go about a block to my office, right above the grand Bicycle Transportation Alliance.

Recent tragedies involving cars hitting people on foot and bike, particularly more than one along my exact commute in the last two months, have prompted me to consider better routes including MLK to Russell, and across Williams to the bike lane that then heads south to meet up with Broadway safely west of the I-5 North onramp that is so dangerous on Broadway and Interstate.

When I do not ride in, I usually telecommute. Challenges here include a good solid connection to the servers at the office so that I can efficiently run MS Exchange and share files. A VPN connection with my Mac is not as seamless for me as for other employees with Windows but I hope to get a previously-established-now-mysteriously-not-working VPN tunnel going again soon.

We are out of our offices for the next TWO WEEKS for some remodeling so there’s no time like the present…

I absolutely love commuting to work by bike.

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