Bicycling and Walking in H.R. 3 SAFETEA-LU

Congress has passed H.R. 3, SAFETEA-LU, and submitted it to the President for his signature. The legislation amends Titles 23 and 49 of the United States Code and authorizes the expenditure of $286.5 billion dollars over the next five years (2005-2009).

Bicycling, walking, and transit seem to have done pretty well. DeFazio, Blumenauer, and others also brought in the bacon for Oregon, including PSU’s Transportation Center, a Mega Project that includes fixing bridges, Street Car demonstration project, and other. However other groups, such as STPP, criticize the effort as a highway bill and failing to really increase funding for new transit.

What do people think, what new work does this create? How can we best shape Oregon’s’ transportation system in light of this new five year funding program?


The BTA website has more information on how H.R.3 impacts bicycling and walking.

Text of the bill

[Editor’s Note: Scott is being modest. He was instrumental in getting Safe Routes to School legislation adopted at the state level this session!]

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