Sharing the Benefits




One of the keys to equity in transportation investments is to make sure that all sectors of a society share in the benefits. For cycling, one of the best looks at this is the Community Cycling Center’s “Understanding the Barriers to Cycling” report (PDF).

It looks at the very specific needs of different groups. For example, at Hacienda, a housing development in NE Portland, bicycle theft is a big issue. So secure storage is a barrier.

At New Columbia, the issue was keeping bikes in good repair. That’s why it was a special pleasure to attend the grand opening of New Columbia’s “Bike Hub” tonight. The hub is a project of the Community Cycling Center and a variety of public and private organizations, including the Portland Development Commission. The structure itself was a design-build project done by college students (a joint program including PNCA) in just a few weeks.

In addition to the basic repair shed, the project also includes a bicycle-themed sculpture. And at tonight’s festivities there was an open-air repair clinic.

Here’s to keeping those bikes working!


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