PBOT Getting Into Parklets?

Looks like the City is rolling out a “Street Seats” program where you too can turn a parking space into a little bit of urbanism.

Let’s hope the pilot program gets some traction.

Congratulations to Rebecca Hamilton who pitched this idea as a student project in the Traffic and Transportation class in 2010!


4 responses to “PBOT Getting Into Parklets?”

  1. Seems about right, what with Bureau Parks & Rec being in the cycleway business. Though I imagine PBOT will do as well handling tiny parks as PBPR does managing thoroughfares (which is to say, badly at best).

  2. Isn’t it up to the adjacent property owners or businesses to maintain these parklets? If they don’t maintain them, they just revert back to parking spaces… they’re allowed by PBOT specifically for the benefit of the businesses that request them. No need to condemn PBOT or P&R here.

  3. Good idea to get the tables off the sidewalks. In some places there isn’t room for 2 people to walk through the sidewalk clutter.

  4. Good idea to get the tables & chairs off the sidewalks. In some places 2 people can’t walk side by side due to all of the clutter.

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