Toronto Star Effuses Over French Bike Rental Program

Via the SHIFT list.

Ooh la la.It’s Sunday morning. The sun banks higher. The breeze is sultry. You inhale the swooning perfume of the linden blossoms.

You think: a crisp, new book would be nice. And then a latte.

So you swipe your bike card through the kiosk nearby, dislodging one of these fine steeds, with their cherry red wheel guards and handy, dandy bike baskets on the front.

You scoot down to Nicholas Hoare, stashing your bike at the kiosk on Front St. You pick up a copy of Londonstani, running your hand across its smooth cover.

You return to the bike kiosk, swipe again, and head up to College St. For the latte. You engage with the city and your surroundings.

Read the whole article here.

Flexcar, are you listening? Anyone up for a field trip to Lyons to check it out?

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