Solving the Bike on Transit Capacity Problem?

We’ve discussed the fact that we have a ‘congestion’ problem with capacity for bikes on MAX and popular bus routes being maxed out.

This week’s Business Week, offers one potential solution: commuting on a folding bike that you can take on the train with you. This article seems to focus on the commuter-train riding audience. Would this work on buses or MAX? I see folding bikes from time-to-time around Portland. Are any of our readers using one?

5 responses to “Solving the Bike on Transit Capacity Problem?”

  1. Yes, you can fold it up smaller and faster than any other folding bike, and take it wherever you like including busses and trains, restaurants, even crowded theatres. Don’t carry a lock. Carry-on luggage dimensions, and nothing sticking out to catch when folded. I haven’t ridden Portland transit with one yet (we bike), but in other cities it’s been a breeze.

  2. If your bike folds up to the size of piece of luggage, feel free to bring it in the bus or sit with it on MAX. No need to worry about rack space.

    TriMet uses a small fleet of folding bikes for giving tours and running errands – their long seatpost is great for accomodating people of all heights and it’s easy to store them in the office.

    Personally, I use one folding bike in town – moslty with visitors or for trips to the burbs, and another for bike touring (Bike Friday – Eugene, Ore.) I’ve gone thousands of miles on it and it’s my best bike.


    BART restricts big bikes during rush hour, but folders are always allowed on board.

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