Bike Rentals in Lyon

My Metro Council colleague Rod Park took these photos while on a family trip to France.

“This is a new program Lyon is trying. You rent the bike for 1 euro for each hour after the first half hour which is free. They have about 20 stations city wide. You just pick one up and drop it off at one of the other stations. Very interesting concept that we might want to copy.

In the last picture you can see the line of those rent a bike spots with most of them in use.”

One response to “Bike Rentals in Lyon”

  1. How do they actually work? The self-service unlocking part?

    I’m visualizing something like the luggage cart vending machines at the airport where you put your money in and one cart is released. Do you swipe a credit card and is there a deposit held on your card that gets released when you return the bike? I’m very curious about the technical details.

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