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Transparency improving at TriMet?

Michael at PortlandAfoot reports on a transparency initiative at TriMet:

Michael at PortlandAfoot writes the following:

As somebody who thinks the best way to solve problems is with eyeballs, TriMet’s defensiveness sometimes drives me crazy. So I was really pleased to learn the agency has just introduced a new website, which it calls a “performance dashboard,” to clearly display basic trends and statistics about the agency: ridership, on-time performance, operating cost per ride.

Among the other improvements are better communication of board meeting agendas. TriMet is also soliciting ideas as to what other things it should make public. Michael gives a good list in the comments at PortlandAfoot–go read his entire article. To Michael’s list, which mainly focuses on operational performance stats…I would add one biggie: Detailed (long-term) budget assumptions, showing assumptions and projections of revenues, ridership, fuel prices, labor expenses, capital projects, grants, etc–one of the biggest concerns many have is the agency is building infrastructure that it cannot afford to maintain. Showing us the numbers may help alleviate those concerns.

And to answer Michael’s question: Yes. :)