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TriMet Announces Changes to Tickets and Ticket Machines

TriMet issued a press release today with information about their new tickets (mostly for use at MAX stations, but also buses on the mall if that practice is revived when the mall re-opens) and modifications to older ticket machines.

Starting in November, we’re introducing new fares that are easier to use:

  • All tickets and passes are now credit-card size, so they’re easier to read, convenient to carry and easy to insert into fareboxes and validators.
  • Expiration time and zone information are now printed in a consistent location on all fares.
  • Advanced security features help prevent fraud.

This new format is also helpful for bus operators and fare inspectors when they’re checking for valid fare. Plus, tickets are now less likely to jam a farebox or cause a vending machine malfunction.

For the complete release, see: