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Your Questions for Neil

Neil McFarlane will soon take over at TriMet in the role that has been filled for some time now by Fred Hansen.

PortlandTransport has arranged to do an on-camera, sit-down interview with Neil shortly after he assumes the new job. The date has not been finalized, but in advance of that, I’d like to solicit questions from our readers to help round out our interview.

Please share your question(s) in the comments, below.

All topical TriMet/transportation/land-use questions will be considered, including those which come from a strongly critical position, but please do keep things polite, neutral, and in reference to policy & practice rather than personalities.

There is no guarantee, of course, that every question will get asked (or framed in exactly the way that you might phrase it), but we’ll do our best to select questions which represent the diverse array of viewpoints in our metro region.

(I’m also soliciting the assistance of a camera/lighting assistant. I’ve got all the necessary video equipment but would like to focus more on the interview and less on set-up. If you’re interested in participating, contact me privately at bob [at] peak [dot] org.)