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Your Questions for Neil – The Sequel


Our interview is currently scheduled for Tuesday, March 15th. If there’s a question you’d like to ask but don’t see something similar in the comments, now is your last chance… Please wrap up questions by early afternoon on Monday. Thanks!

Last July, we conducted an interview with TriMet’s new General Manager, Neil McFarlane, shortly after he took over the position after working a number of years as TriMet’s director of capital projects.

The interview featured questions posed by readers of PortlandTransport representing a variety of viewpoints, as well as a few questions from regular PortlandTransport contributors.

(See the original interview video series here:
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5)

Neil has now been on the job for over six months, and Portland Transport has another opportunity to sit down for an interview coming up later this month.

So now’s your chance for another round of questioning! Please share your questions or areas of interest in the comments, and like last time, we’ll compile (and condense or combine as needed) what we believe to be a representative sample of those questions and ask them in the interview. Questions from all perspectives are welcome – as before, questions should be briefly stated, relevant to the topic of TriMet, and civil.

(Disclosure after the jump.)

Disclosure: It has recently come to my attention that a building my business leases space in may be affected by Milwaukie Light Rail construction. I have no idea at this time if there’s any program (financial or otherwise) which applies to my business, but it is possible that construction may impact me financially, positively or negatively. Since MLR is likely to come up as a topic, I feel this little disclosure is appropriate and I pledge, just like last time, impartiality.