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Video – TriMet Hybrid Bus Press Conference

Videos from today’s press conference announcing federal funds to purchase four hybrid buses for TriMet’s Line 72, with TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D – OR-3), and FTA Deputy Administrator Therese McMillan:

Part 1 – Main Presentation

Part 2 – Q&A

After the press conference, I asked for some additional info via email:

The buses will be standard 40′ length low-floor, not articulated. This is the beginning of the procurement process, no vendor or specific model has been selected yet. The local match will be 20%.

At peak times, as many as 29 individual buses operate simultaneously on the #72 route. So by my math, a typical 72 rider at peak will have about a 14% chance of hopping on one of these new buses.

As I mentioned in the open thread, in our upcoming interview with Neil we will be following up about policies and timelines for upgrading the bus fleet. In the meantime, TriMet offered this statement:

“We have one of the old bus fleets in the country, and it is one of
Neil’s priorities to upgrade the fleet.”