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TriMet announces proposed 2012 budget

TriMet’s proposed 2012 budget

TriMet has proposed 2012 budget.

Good news: No service cuts; and instead there will be some service restorations (though it doesn’t appear to be going back to pre-recession levels).

Bad news: A 5c fare increase for adults. $4 increase in the price of a monthly adult pass. LIFT paratransit service also going up in price.

Good news: 55 busses to be purchased.

Semi-bad news: Diesel is getting more expensive, thus TriMet’s fuel budget is going up. (OTOH, some of us consider this to be not-so-bad news…)

For details, click the link. Unfortunately, it only goes to a summary page–not to any place where the actual budget can be downloaded, but there you have it…