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TriMet Bridge Groundbreaking Event Video

Here is the full-length video (30min) from today’s TriMet press event held at OMSI, marking the official start of construction for the first new Portland-area Willamette river crossing in approx. 40 years. This video features the complete remarks, with a few occasional extra shots edited over the top.

(Updated July 5th – Original version contained a typo. If you have embedded or posted a link to the original video, please update your links. Thank you.)

Although these sorts of events tend to be scripted, there was one interesting moment where Rep. Blumenauer choked up a bit when suggesting a possible name for the structure.

There was a proliferation of the color orange at the event, flags, banners, jackets, neckties, and even cookies. TriMet did everything but come out and confirm that this will be the Orange line, but Sam Adams did it for them. But sometimes a cookie is just a cookie.

TriMet also did a “Bridge School” presentation earlier in the day which was of a more technical nature, addressing how the bridge would be constructed, and taking a few questions including addressing the issue over river clearance. That video will be posted tomorrow. (You may wish to save technical questions until tomorrow’s post.)

This bridge will serve bus and light rail transit, pedestrians, and bicyclists (and eventually streetcars, too). The bridge is being constructed as part of the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail project.

Speakers include:

Neil McFarlane, General Manager, TriMet
Earl Blumenauer, US Representative
Kurt Schrader, US Representative
Sam Adams, Mayor, City of Portland
Gail Achterman, Chair, Oregon Transportation Commission
Carlotta Collette, Councilor, Metro
Jim Bernard, Commissioner, Clackamas County
Deborah Kafoury, Commissioner, Multnomah County
Scott Moore, Vice President, Public Affairs, Union Pacific