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All Aboard!


Ostrava Boardings portlandtransport’s Ostrava Boardings photoset

One of the implications of the ubiquity of streetcars here in the Czech Republic is that they are more casual about their platforms.

In the first photo you can a large group crowding on what is about a four-foot strip of pavement next to the center-running streetcar rails. I believe the shift was just getting off at a nearby factory. There appear to be police present to help with crossing of what is a fairly busy arterial street.

In the second photo there isn’t even a platform. There is simply a zone striped yellow with the word “TRAM” in the travel lane. When the vehicle shows up, riders cross the street to board it. I assume that regulations require car drivers to keep clear of this zone when a streetcar is present.

A far cry from all the design standards for MAX stations and Streetcar platforms in Portland!