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Transit Mall to Reopen Without Shelters? (Bus or Train)

A few days ago, in a less-than-lofty debate amongst commenters on the KATU web site, a pseudononymous individual mentioned that the Transit Mall’s shelters would be completed in December.

(I have noticed, through regular observations, that one new transit shelter has had a roof, perhaps as a demonstration, for several months, but no others have roofs or wind screens. The mall reopens to buses in less than two weeks.)

Given the fact that some have suggested that it is rumored that rain may be detected in Oregon in the months May-December, I asked Mary Fetsch, TriMet spokesperson, for clarification.

I am told that shelter installation will continue starting right after the Rose Festival and be completed in August.

(Back during the debate over Transit Mall shelter design, of which I was an advocate for maintaining the original shelters, it was repeatedly pledged that the new shelters would provide a similar level of protection for riders (despite the fact that there would be a 50% reduction in shelters per transit rider in the central mall).)

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that transit riders will not experience unscheduled rain, or will find convenient shelter under nearby private awnings.