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BRT, LRT advance in Southwest Corridor

Before the meat of the post, some apologies for my scarcity the past two months or so. I always seem to take blog-cation in the fall, and it happened again this year–have been quite busy with work and home, so haven’t had much time for PT. (Plus, I’ve been focusing a bit more on the upcoming election–but since this is a 501(c) non-profit, I’ll have no more to say about that… :P )

Now on to the gist of things. The Southwest Corridor Plan Steering Committee have agreed to advance a few Bus Rapid Transit and Light Rail options for the Southwest Corridor. BRT seems to be the preferred option of the committee, given the current funding environment; though light rail is being advanced for consideration as well. The primary corridor (for either mode) is Portland to Tigard, with Tigard to Tualatin being the preferred extension–Sherwood is viewed by the committee as not providing sufficient demand to justify high-capacity transit.

Reading between the lines; it does appear that “real” BRT, with exclusive lanes, is what is being considered (with the caveat that hard parts might be run in mixed traffic); not BRT-light. (BRT-light is mentioned as an option for Sherwood).

Enhancements to WES seem to be out of scope–though if a rapid transit line goes from Tualatin to Tigard to Portland; it’s only a few miles between Tigard TC and Beaverton TC; and a major destination (Washington Square) is right on the way. Ideas dropped from further consideration include mixed-traffic streetcar, and “freeway bus” on I-5. Other commuter rail besides the current WES alignment (such as Sherwood-Tualatin-LO-Milwaukie-Portland) did not get mentioned in the report.

Details here.