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OPB’s “Think Out Loud” program to cover TriMet woes

Oregon Public Broadcasting doing a show on TriMet’s budget and service woes, featuring several local notables.

Tuesday’s edition of Think Out Loud, a public-affairs program produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting, will be all about TriMet and the recent debate concerning its budget and its choices regarding bus and rail service. The panel will feature the following guests (list cribbed from OPB website)

  • Neil McFarlane: TriMet General Manager
  • Michael Anderson: Editor of Portland Afoot
  • Carlotta Collette: Interim Metro President, District 2 councilor and lead councilor on the High Capacity Transit System Plan
  • Jon Ostar: Environmental law attorney and co-director of OPAL
  • Andy Vobora: Director of service planning, accessibility and marketing for the Lane Transit District

The show will be broadcast Tuesday, November 30 from 9-10 on KOPB 91.5 FM, and rebroadcast at 9 that evening; after broadcast the show will be made available online at OPB’s archives.

Platinum Podcast

If you’re a blogger one of the technologies you have to track is RSS, and it’s a quick jump from RSS into podcasting. So I often run into interesting podcasts. Last week I stumbled across Bike Talk and their podcast.

The show is out of Davis, California, which is significant since Davis is the first city to be awarded Platinum status for its bicycling environment, something Portland dearly aspires to.

I’ve listened to a couple of the half-hour weekly programs, and find them interesting. A recent show (MP3, 15M) included tips on winter commuting, which were quite useful for Portland since Davis has a similar climate to ours.

Now of course, Portland has its own bicycle radio program, the KBOO Bike Show on 90.7FM at 9am on the 1st Wednesday of every month.

But I’ve never heard it! That’s not a time I’m near a radio, and anyway my radio dial is pretty much super-glued to Oregon Public Broadcasting (sorry KBOO). AND IT’S NOT PODCAST.

So it seems to me that if Portland wants to be a Platinum cycling city, we need to podcast our bike program! One benefit is for folks like me who would listen if we could time-shift the program. The other is to export our experience to the rest of the world.

So what’s it going to take to get this done? Portland Transport will be happy to help. If KBOO or the show’s producers can get us the audio in any electronic format, we’ll be happy to convert it to MP3 and host a podcast here.

What do you say?