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J.K. – PBS Star!

Last year, a production company was in town making a documentary on the Portland metro area’s land use, planning, and public involvement processes.

The program, titled “Portland: Quest for the Livable City” (Press Release) is now complete and is set to air on OPB (not OPB HD), Sunday, May 10, at 1pm. (Look for “Making Sense of Place: Portland” in the online OPB schedule.

An extended trailer has been posted — watch for a cameo (no dialogue) from Portland’s own Jim Karlock around the 4:49 mark:

Yours Truly was also at that same meeting — it was one of the early pubic open-houses for the Streetcar System Plan, this one at Grant High School. (Incidentally, the meeting was in the same band room where Mr. Holland’s Opus was filmed.) Portland Transport regular Terry Parker was also present, as I recall — it will be interesting to see how many of us, and what statements, are included in the final documentary.