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November 2011 Open Thread

It’s November. The smell of winter is in the air, baseball is done for the year, the Blazers are about to start the seasonlocked out, and everyone’s counting down the days until the holidays. So whether or not you think TriMet are a bunch of turkeys, it’s time for another open thread.

  • Plenty of transit and land-use related issues on the ballot next week. Libertarian activist Loren Parks is throwing his money into the race.
  • A pair of appointments from Governor Kitzhaber. The governor has appointed Pat Egan to the Oregon Transportation Commission, replacing Gail Achterman who resigned in August for health reasons. Egan is a former aide of the governor and currently a VP at Pacificorp. According to the Willamette Week, though, the Oregon Trucking Association wanted former PDC chief Bruce Warner. Kitzhaber has also appointed Craig Prosser to the TriMet board, replacing Hakeem Olanrewaju. According to Portland Afoot, Prosser is a supporter of a light-rail solution for the SW Corridor.
  • Construction of the Harbor Boulevard flyover, an elevated structure which will carry MLR from the western end of the new transit bridge, over Moody Bvld and Harbor Drive, to the intersection of Naito and Lincoln, starts this month.
  • Dr. Lawrence Frank, the author of Health and Community Design: The Impact of the Built Environment on Physical Activity, will present “information from his book and lead a discussion on public health, land use and transportation” at a talk this Friday, Nov. 4, from 7:30 to 9 a.m, at Metro headquarters ( 600 NE Grand, Portland). Admission is free.
  • Construction has started on a new development at the corner of Millikan and Murray in Beaverton, across the street from Nike and Tektronix. The new development will have 360 units on 26 acres, about 50% denser than the trailer park that used to be there.
  • And for those who think that Milwaukie MAX is expensive, check out what’s in store for the Puget Sound’s East Link LRT line to Bellevue and Redmond.