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Major Sports Facilities – Land Use and Transportation

In another thread here, and on blogs all over town, people were just itching to talk about the new Major League Soccer proposal, the future of baseball in Portland, the fate of Memorial Coliseum, a stadium for Lents, etc…

Please consider this thread the place to talk about the transportation and land use impacts of major sports facilities, and what’s good or bad for Portland in the current proposal and likely scenarios.

I’ll start off with a few pros and cons about some various locations:

PGE Park

Pros: Great transit and walking access, on MAX, close to proposed future streetcar corridor on Burnside. Near I-405 freeway.
Cons: Area not well-suited to intensive auto activity before and after an event, as far as connectivity to the freeway and parking are concerned. Other nearby land uses prevent large-scale expansion.

Rose Quarter

Pros: Great transit and freeway access. Well-established in folks’ minds as a central location for large events. Event attendees are already using transit to a significant degree.
Cons: Not so good for walking as there aren’t many other destinations to cater to pedestrians in the immediate vicinity, few residences nearby. Further expansion of sports-related uses in the area may create more of a dead-zone at other times.

Lincoln High School

Pros: Near PGE park, MAX, bus transit on Columbia/Jefferson, medium-density residential, PSU.
Cons: Adding more major event facilities in this area may disrupt other local uses. Redevelopment of the site first requires construction of a new high school.


Pros: Near I-205, new MAX Green Line, east-west bus transit connections, possible future Streetcar corridor. Local neighborhood support for project (from what I’ve read.)
Cons: May deter attendance from west-side users, whether via transit or auto. Effect on neighborhood may be more “transformative” than locals had in mind when facility is unused.