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Jarrett Walker – “A Field Guide to Transit Quarrels”

Late last month, Jarrett Walker of HumanTransit.org gave a great talk at Metro. PortlandTransport was there to record the event.

Jarrett is an international consultant in public transit network design and policy. Originally from Portland, he is now based in Sydney, Australia.

His presentation, “A Field Guide to Transit Quarrels”, deals with the language and conceptualization issues we face when thinking about transit (or any complex issue, for that matter), including the tension between “vision” and factually-based analysis.

The entire video is just over an hour, including the Q&A session, and for YouTube purposes, we’ve broken it in to five parts. These videos are available in HD via YouTube (check the embedded player for resolution and full-screen choices) which makes the PowerPoint slides quite a bit easier to read.

Part 1: Introductions

Part 2: The Spectrum of Authorities

Part 3: Balancing Claims

Part 4: Example and Conclusions

Part 5: Q&A