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Should bikes pay the exact same registration fee as cars, and more than motorcycles?

Three Republicans and a Democrat (sounds like a “balanced” cable talk show) have introduced a new bill in Salem that already has a lot of people talking.

From KATU:

Under House Bill 3008, those 18 and older who ride on any highway in the state would have to pay $54 every two years to register their bike. They would have to attach a sticker to the frame of their bike.

That money would go toward a Bicycle Transportation Improvement Fund, which would pay for bikes lanes and paths as well as future projects.

Those who fail to register would face a $25 fine.

KATU has also posted the full text of the bill.

BikePortland beat KATU to the punch yesterday with a hotly-debated post, and they have a follow-up post which interviews one of the sponsors today, which includes the stunning quote: “if there were not bicycles we wouldn’t need bicycle lanes”, apparently unaware that bicycles predate cars, and that were it not for the hazards presented by heavy, fast moving cars, we wouldn’t have a situation where we effectively kick bicycles to the curb.