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Bob Stacey concedes, Tom Hughes is your new Metro president (Update x7)

Bob Stacey concedes; Tom Hughes is the new President of Metro.

Thanks to Doug K in the comments. Bob Stacey has conceded the race to Tom Hughes. It’s over.


UPDATE 6: Bob Stacey does better today, netting almost 100 votes, but still trails Tom Hughes by 1017 votes.

County Tom Hughes Bob Stacey Other (write-in)
Clackamas 38,418 33,118 444
Multnomah 86,506 116,010 1808
Washington 72,289 47,068 892
Totals 197,213 196,196 3144

UPDATE 5: Tim Hibbits of the Portland Tribune has called the race for Hughes. Hat tip to RA Fontes in the comments.

UPDATE 3 & 4: 11/10/10 results

Washington County updates its results (3:00). Multnomah County updates its results (4:30).

County Tom Hughes Bob Stacey Other (write-in)
Clackamas 38,346 33,058 336
Multnomah 86,365 115,751 1803
Washington 72,230 47,026 892
Totals 196,941 195,835 3141

Hughes widens his lead to 1106 votes. He gained several votes from Washington County, though Stacey offset this somewhat with a net gain of 16 from Multnomah. Don’t know if Clackamas County will publish any updates today.

(Note: See UPDATE below).

It’s been nearly a week since the general election. We know who the next governor of Oregon will be (Kitz), and whether or not TriMet will have some extra money to play with (no). What we don’t know, still, is who the next Metro president will be.

As of yesterday, the race stood as follows:

County Tom Hughes Bob Stacey Other (write-in)
Clackamas 38,346 33,058 336
Multnomah 85,828 115,208 1784
Washington 72,074 46,917 889
Totals 196,248 195,183 3119

As you can see, Hughes as a small lead (of about 1000 votes, or about 0.25% of the electorate); but so far, no election analysts have called the race; nor has either of the candidates conceded. Multnomah County, whose vote has favored Stacey, is still counting ballots (1000 ballots were added to the total yesterday); whether there are enough remaining votes to permit Stacey to overtake Hughes is an open question.

Actually, two things surprise me: 1) That Clackamas County is so close, given that is probably the “reddest” county within Metro’s boundary, and the county which most decisively voted no on Measure 26-119; and 2) that Tom Hughes is doing as well as he is in Multnomah County. It’s not surprising that Hughes is dominating in Washington County, where he hails from.

It’s also interesting to note that like the governor’s race; the “other” vote (all write-ins, as no other candidate was listed on the ballot) will likely exceed the margin of victory between the two leading candidates. Should there be a recount, this may complicate things, as these write-in ballots may need to be scrutinized more carefully.

This article will be updated as new information comes in.


Today’s release of updated Multnomah County numbers does not bode well for Bob Stacey.

County Tom Hughes Bob Stacey Other (write-in)
Clackamas 38,346 33,058 336
Multnomah 86,251 115,621 1799
Washington 72,074 46,917 889
Totals 196,671 195,596 3134

Today, 423 more votes for Hughes were tabluated, vs 413 for Stacey–resulting in Tom Hughes increasing his lead by 10 votes. Stacey now has an overall deficit of 1048 votes. Neither Washington nor Clackamas counties have updated their ballot counts as of this afternoon. Washington County indicates their next update will be tomorrow (the 10th); Clackamas County has not indicated when the next update (if any) will be published.

Given that Multnomah County is supposedly “Stacey territory”, his losing ten votes in the county is not a good sign for his candidacy. It’s not known how many ballots remain–at this point, the county is likely hand-investigating overvotes and undervotes to see if voter intent can be discerned, a process which explains the slow pace. Election results need to be certified by the 22nd.

One more bit of info. oregonlive’s tabulation gives Hughes a total of 196,671 votes vs 195,596 for Stacey; I’m not sure where the additional 27 votes come from. Still not good for Stacey.


I discovered the source of the discrepancy; I had written down 72,047 votes for Hughes in Washington County, the correct total is 72,074. The above charts are now updated and agree with oregonlive’s tabulation.