Category: Transportation and Environment

  • LOS Redux

    Last month, Brian penned an excellent post about California’s switch of performance measures. This podcast provides a narrative of how that came about, and how poisonous vehicle level of service (LOS) was as a performance standard. Not to be missed.

  • California’s New Performance Metrics & Getting What You Measure

    The way we quantify how well our roads are (or aren’t) working isn’t something that tends to get a whole lot of play outside of the transportation wonkery, but it has a drastic effect on policies and livability. The most commonly used metrics to describe our system, including the infamous level-of-service metric, are drawn from…

  • What’s the VMT of Your Garbage?

    Via The Overhead Wire: The Atlantic Cities has a piece about trying to minimize the energy/emission footprint of transporting garbage, and looks at New York City’s efforts to shift from hauling garbage to landfills in trucks to moving it on barges. Our region has a similar challenge. Our landfill in is in Gilliam County, east…