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  • Rethinking transit on the west side

      No, this is not a post about the Southwest Corridor project, though that is certainly a relevant topic here.  Instead, it’s an update on the Service Enhancement Plans covering the west side of town, both the Westside SEP (covering Beaverton, Aloha, Hillsboro, Cornelius, Forest Grove, Cedar Mill, Cedar Hills, and Bethany), and the Southwest […]

  • Westside Service Enhancement Plan

    As noted earlier in the open thread, TriMet has announced the creation of something called the Westside Service Enhancement Plan. This plan, which has been underway since last year, is the first in a series of Service Enhancement Plans that the agency is planning to pursue. In 2013, TriMet will look at East County and the Southwest region (the latter, no doubt, in concert with the SW Corridor); in 2014, Clackamas County, and in 2015, North and central Portland. The Westside region–essentially Beaverton and Hillsboro–gets to go first. Among the highlights proposed:

    • Reversal of the Red and Blue lines in Washington County, with the Red Line connecting PDX and Hillsboro, and the Blue Line connects Gresham with Beaverton TC.
    • High capacity transit along TV Highway between Beaverton and Hillsboro.
    • Increased N/S service in the corridor.
    • New Frequent Service routes along Hall Boulevard, Farmington Road, NW Cornell, 174th, 185th, and 229th.
    • BRT treatments in various areas
    • Improvements to the bike and pedestrian environment
    • Shuttle bus service, connecting MAX (and possibly other transit centers) to industrial parks–many of which are difficult to serve with standard bus service.
    In related news, there is now a new revision of the TV Highway Corridor Plan (and its appendices). As a resident of Beaverton, I’m certainly intrigued by this, and would like very much to see it happen. OTOH, funding is an issue–while it’s useful to plan for the future (including making plans for things you probably will never be able to fund), TriMet has some particularly severe financial issues to deal with, before this becomes much more than pie in the sky. More specific thoughts after the jump.