Category: Sunrise Corridor

  • $1.5 billion transportation project passes the FEIS milestone

    The Sunrise Corridor’s FEIS has been approved. The price tag: $1.5 billion.

  • Tolls Don’t Pencil for Sunrise

    Yesterday’s Oregonian reports that tolls may still work to help add a lane to I-205 (although it’s challenging), but they probably don’t pencil out for the Sunrise Corridor. At nearly $1 billion, the Sunrise Corridor project costs too much and would not attract enough toll-paying traffic to make financial sense, according to a report released…

  • A Parkway for Damascus?

    After introducing us to the Sunrise Corridor, Lynn now has an alternative for us to consider. A parkway. Here’s a handout on the concept (PDF, 283K) that was distributed at some of the community meetings.

  • The Sunrise Corridor

    In the 1980s, ODOT created a new list of highways that would be built to improve access statewide – Access Oregon Highways. One of these highways was to connect the Portland region to eastern Oregon via Mt. Hood: Sunrise Highway from I-205 to Hwy 26 via Damascus/Boring. This roadway is in the beginning phases of…