Category: Powell/Division

  • Map Your Way Down Powell/Division

    In my Planning Commissioner role, I have a chance to see how an enormous number of people respond to the Comprehensive Plan “Map App” as a convenient and understandable way to give input on the plan. Now Metro has followed Portland’s lead, and you can give your comments on the Powell-Division transit corridor (and the routing […]

  • BRT 101 by Metro

    Metro is holding an “introduction to BRT” session next week as part of the Powell/Division Corridor process: December 1: Catch a sneak preview of the future of transit Metro invites you to a sneak preview of our region’s transit future. The popcorn’s on us. Monday, Dec. 1, noon to 1 p.m. Clinton Street Theater 2522 […]

  • Decision time for Powell/Division

    Tomorrow, September 29, Metro will host a combination steering committee/open house on the Powell/Division project, in which staff recommendations will be presented.  Not too surprisingly, staff recommendations include: Bus instead of rail (LRT or Streetcar).  This is expected, as the proposed budget and timeframe for the project is simply not compatible with a rail solution, […]

  • Powell -Division Rapid Transit Inspection

    As study progresses on the Powell Division Rapid Transit project, many of us are pondering how Metro will come down on this project. Which street will carry the new service? What will the new service look like? What can we expect in terms of return on investment? Scotty provided some great background on potential designs […]

  • Your Questions For Neil, “Round 5”, Part 1 – High-Capacity Projects

    Last Wednesday, Chris sat down with TriMet’s Neil McFarlane for a discussion focused on your questions. This has become a sort of annual tradition for Portland Transport, and this year we were very pleased to be hosted by the Portland Opera – the Opera headquarters is located on the east bank of the Willamette just […]