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  • TriMet REALLY announces news regarding Type 5 MAX train

    No April Fools this time, just news that TriMet has proposed a resolution for the Board of Directors, to authorize a procurement of new Type 5 LRT vehicles, from Siemens. And no, they won’t really consist of 40′ busses tethered to flatbed railcars, as cool as that might sound. :) Siemens, who manufactures the Type…

  • Your Questions for Neil, Round 3, Part 3 – PMLR

    In the third segment (of four) of our conversation with TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane, we discuss the Portland-to-Milwaukie Light Rail project. A transcript of the interview, prepared by Engineer Scotty, follows the jump.

  • Should TriMet consider the MOS for Milwaukie MAX?

    Should TriMet consider the MOS for Milwaukie MAX, particularly if funding from Clackamas County is no longer available?

  • Community opposition and infrastructure projects

    A major issue with large-scale infrastructure projects, such as highways or rail transit lines, is that frequently they face community opposition. Depending on which side of the fence one sits on a particular project, such opposition can either consist of heroic defenders of community values fighting valiantly against vested interests and the desctruction of their…

  • Anti-LRT activists in Clackamas County seek Milwaukie MAX referendum

    The Oregonian’s Molly Harbarger reports that a group of activists in Clackamas County, opposed to the Milwaukie MAX project, is seeking to place a referendum on the ballot to prevent the county from contributing any money to “finance, design, construct or operate” the project. The petition, approved by the Board of Commissioners, will be reviewed…