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TriMet Unveils All-Electric Test Bus

TriMet held a press event today to unveil an all-electric bus.

The bus is on loan to the agency by the manufacturer, BYD Motors, for testing and demonstration purposes for the next two weeks.

I attended the event today, took a short demo ride, and interviewed TriMet and BYD representatives for this video.

The bus will be tested on a variety of routes with varying topography, and the public is invited to take free rides and give feedback. TriMet will be tweeting the routes served by the test bus.

You can also view TriMet’s press release here:

(It should be noted that the press release refers to 24hrs of operation. I asked for clarification on this and what they mean is that the bus can meet a standard daily duty cycle on most routes with a single charge – not 24hrs of continuous operation.)

82nd Avenue Transportation Workshop

From the Active Rights of Way (AROW) mailing list:

If you are interested in improving 82nd Avenue, please get this meeting on your calendar; September 24 at 7:00 PM.

One of the often mentioned obstacles to improving 82nd Avenue is that it’s under ODOT jurisdiction. Your attendance at this meeting will help give our public officials the clear message that we want 82nd to be under the City of Portland’s jurisdiction. Getting these public officials talking with each other will start the process moving.

Meeting Announcement: 82nd Avenue Transportation Workshop

Purpose: To learn about the process needed to transfer jurisdiction of 82nd Avenue from ODOT to the City of Portland.

Format: Panel discussion with public officials and state legislators about how to move ahead on this issue. Also, information on ODOT’s currently planned safety projects for 82nd will be available.

Who: Sponsored by the Montavilla Neighborhood Association and the 82nd Avenue Business Association. Panel will include Tom Miller, Portland’s Director of Transportation, State Senator Jackie Dingfelder, and Shelli Romero of ODOT.

When: September 24 at 7:00 PM

Where: Montavilla Methodist Church – 232 SE 80th.

Given that one of the currently planned ODOT “safety projects” for 82nd Avenue, the 82nd Avenue/Causey project, involves removal of the bus lane on 82nd near Clackamas Town Center, putting the street under control of local authorities strikes me as a wise idea. (This particular stretch of 82nd is outside the Portland city limits, and is located in Clackamas County; but ODOT has traditionally cared more about moving cars on its facilities than it has about moving people and facilitating local access). As there is a perfectly good freeway just to the east, there’s no reason to maintain 82nd avenue as an ODOT facility. (Likewise for Barbur Boulevard, Hall/Boones Ferry, and a few other streets I can think of…)

Portland Afoot is throwing a party

to celebrate its second birthday.

And you’re invited.

The happenings are happening this Thursday, July 26, at Backspace (115 NW 5th Avenue), starting at 6:30. The party is being sponsored by Zipcar and Widmer Brothers Brewery. Admission to the event is free, and the first 50 groups of three or more that show up with transit fare, bikelock keys, skateboards or sensible shoes get either a free raffle ticket or a free drink ticket for all in the group. Notables will include Sarah Mirk and Dan Christensen, with Irie Idea providing the tunes.

More information can be found at Portland Afoot here, or on their Facebook page (you are encouraged to RSVP at the latter if you plan to attend).

Upcoming Jarrett Walker talks in Oregon

Well-known transportation planning consultant (and native Portlander) Jarrett Walker, who wrote the book Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking about Public Transit Can Enrich our Communities and our Lives, and authors the blog Human Transit, will have two speaking engagements in Oregon.

The first, down in Lane County, will be entitled “Eugene-Springfield Transit: What are the real questions?”, and will be held at the University of Oregon campus, in Room 182 of the Lillis Building on Wednesday, May 15th from 6:00 PM to 7:45 PM. Two other events will be held at the U of O on the same day, in Room 249 of the Lawrence Buiding; and a planning workshop from 2-4:30. Space is limited for the workshop, those interested should RSVP to The other events are open to the public.

The following day, he will be speaking at Portland State University–there, the title of the talk is “Portland Regional Transit: What is the question?” This lecture will be from 7:30PM to 9:00PM at in the Smith Memorial Union, room 338.

A flyer for the UO events is after the jump: