Category: OPAL

  • Human Transit Takes Exception to OPAL’s Strategy

    Jarrett has an interesting take on what benefits transit riders who are cash-poor, time-poor or both.

  • WeAllRideTheBus and reform at TriMet

    One of the interesting developments of the past few weeks is that the organizational efforts of OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon seem to be bearing fruit. TriMet’s recent scaled-back service cuts seem to take many of OPAL’s concerns into account (notwithstanding the warning that additional cuts may be back on the table if labor negotiations don’t…

  • TriMet to study OPAL’s Campaign for a Fair Transfer

    The TriMet board today, before a packed house, considered a proposal from OPAL, the “Campaign for a Fair Transfer”, which would extend the validity of single-ride tickets to address equity issues in public transit. OPAL, an advocacy group which focuses on environmental and economic justice issues, claims that the reductions in service over the past…