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  • Revisting TriMet and Metro

    Garlynn Woodsong is a planner and a frequent commenter from Portland Transport’s early days. He has recently returned to Portland after an assignment in California. A recent visit to San Diego opened my eyes to another possibility for the reorganization of transit in the Portland region. Currently, Metro does regional transportation and land use planning,…

  • Metro seeking TPAC applicants

    It’s fall, which means that Metro is seeking citizen applicants to serve on the Transportation Policy Advisory Committee. There are four openings. According to Metro: TPAC is an advisory committee that reviews regional plans and federally funded transportation projects across the three-county Portland area. It advises local and regional leaders on transportation spending priorities as…

  • Not a good night for TriMet (UPDATED)

    November 2010 election results not good for TriMet

  • Metro President Candidate Presentations

    Earlier this week, my neighborhood association (Rose City Park) held its candidates fair. A number of candidates were present, as were presenters representing various ballot measures. Of particular relevance to PortlandTransport readers are the two candidates for Metro President. Here are videos of their presentations and Q&A sessions, presented in order of appearance and without…

  • UPDATED: LCDC rejects Forest Grove, Council Creek plots, accepts remainder of urban reserves

    While it isn’t official, the Oregon Land Conservation and Development Condition is set to issue a ruling accepting all of Metro’s recent designations of urban and rural reserves, without amendment, according to Metro councilor Robert Liberty.