Category: Taxi

  • Let Google Hail You a Cab

    Passed on by a reader, here’s a Google Maps mashup that will find you a taxi company and estimate the fare for your trip. Portland is one of a couple of dozen supported cities.

  • Portland Continues Taxi Cartel

    William Thompson is a research associate at Cascade Policy Institute. Imagine an industry where two companies control 75% of the market, price-competition is non-existent, and new firms are prohibited from entering. While economists refer to this as an oligopoly, taxi customers in Portland know it best as high prices and long wait times. On April…

  • Updated: Green Cabs Wilting?

    Updated August 21st, 2006 Green Cabs has avoided a City-imposed shutdown. According to a report in the Oregonian on Friday, Green was determined to be in compliance with City regulations after a new inspection. A City press release confirms the new status. Original Post August 8th, 2006 The City of Portland is getting ready to…