Category: Bikes

  • KBOO Bike Show: Birds, Recovery and Olympia, Washington

    Listen to the show (26 MB) Our guests are Dorian Anderson, author of Birding Under the Influence- Cycling Across America in Search of Birds and Recovery, and Kim Turner, an Olympia, Washington bike mechanic and high school bike repair teacher who also hosts a queer and trans bike clinic and rides.

  • KBOO Bike Show: Seattle

    Listen to the show (26 MB) In today’s show we focus on Seattle, Washington, with guests Tom Fucoloro, author of  Biking Uphill in the Rain: The Story of Seattle from Behind the Handlebars (University of Washington Press)  and Yasir Alfarag, activist and urban planning graduate student. 

  • KBOO Bike Show: Advocates

    Listen to the show (27 MB) Alon interviews Portland “Citizen Activist” Chris Smith and Nedra talks with Bike Walk KC Policy Director Michael Kelley. Both have a long history of transportation advocacy and both have attempted runs at political office as part of their advocacy.

  • KBOO Bikeshow: Leadership and Urban Geography

    Listen to the show (26.4 MB) In the first half of the show our guest is Karen Frost, long-time Portland bicycle activist and the first Executive Director of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. In the second half of the show Nedra speaks with Atlanta  urban geographer Neill Davis whose work is at  the intersection of education, transportation, planning, and sustainability.  

  • KBOO Bike Show: Subatomic particles and bicycle friendly communities

    Listen to the show (24MB) In the first half of the show our guest  was Dr. Monica Dunford, physicist involved with the discovery of the Higgs boson particle and an ardent cyclist . In the second half Amelia Neptune of The League of American Bicyclists spoke of the Bicycle Friendly America program she heads.