Category: Aviation

  • Van versus Plane

    As noted in the Portland Business Journal, Shuttle Express is going to try to give Horizon Air a run for their money on the Portland-Seattle route: Shuttle Express will use six passenger “luxury vans” for the service. The vans include leather captain chairs, Wi-Fi service, DVD/CD/TV monitors and coffee service. $180 for a roundtrip.

  • The I-5 Slog

    Hat tip to the reader who forwarded a link to the “I-5 Slog” web site set up by Horizon Air. The site describes the trip from Portland to Seattle on I-5 as the “the longest 3-hour drive in American History”. What a great ad for high-speed rail :-)

  • The Perfect Transit System?

    Two way loop route2 minute headways!Grade-separated, dedicated right-of-wayNo opertator in the vehicle (think of the cost savings)

  • The Higher Mode

    We don’t often talk about transportation by air, but the Daily Business Journal had an interview late last week with Mary Maxwell, the Director of Aviation at the Port of Portland. It was a good reminder of the importance of aviation to the economy in our region. There’s some discussion of the Port’s Hillsboro Airport.…