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End of Day 1 – Transit Enhancers

Finishing up the first official day for Portland Transport, I want to thank a number of folks:

  • Our wonderful contributors
  • The 400+ folks who visited today
  • The “friends and family” who helped us burn in the site over the weekend
  • The four local blogs who gave us a plug today
  • The one blog that trashed us – thanks, Jack, you validated that we’re going in the right direction

In the spirit of blogging stream-of-experience, let me share my transit experience today that highlights two ways to enhance transit that I think are much underused:

  1. Enhancer: Buses + Bikes

    My car and my 17 year old disappeared together about a year ago. Since that time my personal mobility has been largely car-free. Today I had a medical appoint out near Washington Square. I hopped on my bike in NW Portland, pedaled down to the transit mall (downhill) and put my bike on the #56. Thirty-five minutes later I got off at Washington Square and pedaled another mile to the doctor.

    Using Trimet and bikes in combination make it easy to get anywhere in our region (hill in the way? take the bus over it!). I’d like to encourage a lot more people to look at this combo. You don’t need to be a super-biker to make this work.

  2. Enhancer: Real Time Arrival Info

    I HATE waiting at bus stops. After I finished my medical appointment today, I did some errands around Washington Square and finished up on Main St. in Tigard for lunch, on the #12 line that would take me and my bike back to downtown Portland. As I sat down with my lunch I pulled out my Treo 650 and pulled up the real time arrivals to see when the next bus is coming. I was able to finish my sandwich, roll my bike across the street and place it on the bus that just pulled up. While not everyone has a web-enabled cell phone, TriMet has made this feature available by voice from any cell phone. Just call 503-238-RIDE and punch in the stop number (you’ll find it on the sign or shelter)!

    Stop waiting at bus stops!

That’s all for today, please come back tomorrow when Portland Transport will feature a discussion of Portland’s bicycle program!

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