Category: Climate Change

  • Draft 2015 Climate Action Available for Public Comment

    The next iteration of Portland’s Climate Action Plan is available for review. Does it support active transportation sufficiently? Discuss here, or submit formal comments.

  • Does Metro’s Climate Smart Communities Plan Do Enough for Active Transportation?

    I’ve been struggling for a week with how to write this post, and I’m grateful to Michael Andersen at BikePortland, who¬†has covered many of the great things about Metro’s Climate Smart Communities plan. That leaves me free to write to a counterpoint, questioning whether in fact it does enough for active transportation. First, let’s talk…

  • Think Global, Act Local

    I happened to be headed to City Hall for an unrelated meeting today when I came across the rally to encourage the City to unload it’s financial holdings in Walmart. Well, here’s a disinvestment campaign that’s a little more in line with this site’s point of view. The ‘350’ movement (trying to limit CO2 concentrations…

  • Your Questions For Neil, “Round 5”, Part 4 – Potpourri

    And now, the final segment of our video interview with TriMet’s Neil McFarlane. This episode, “Potpourri”, featuring a variety of your questions. Topics include: Bikes on MAX cars – are there ways to add capacity? Bike parking and bikeshare at MAX stations TriMet’s take on carbon emissions – what will it take to get to…

  • Climate change refugees coming to Portland?

    Are “climate change” refugees coming to Portland in the future? An editorial at the Portland Tribune thinks so.