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What Happens When the Internet Swamps Local Regulation?

An interesting piece on NPR today about how the web-based Uber taxi hailing service is making life easier for travelers … whether or not the vehicle happens to be licensed locally.

This is very similar to the circumstances with Park at my House, which is available here but is probably a zoning violation.

What’s a local government to do? DC set up a sting for the unlicensed taxis, maybe we’ll have ‘test parkers’ checking your zoning map location?

Infrastructure on the Radio

Tonight the first 15 minutes of All Things Considered was about our crumbling infrastructure, our unwillingness to pay for fixing/expanding it and the economic absurdity of this choice.

I sort of feel like our society maxed out its credit cards for a week in Cancun, is now back home and hung over and has decided that since we’ve learned that borrowing is bad for us, we shouldn’t apply for student loans and will skip college instead…

Listen to the first two stories