Author: tboulanger

  • Electronic Parking Markets

    Todd passes on this info from Springwise. SpotScout claims to be the world’s first mobile exchange marketplace for parking spots, connecting parking spaces with drivers that are desperately seeking them. Urban planners estimate that as much as 80 percent of traffic on some city streets comes from motorists aimlessly circling blocks in search of a…

  • Bikes and the Strike

    Todd Boulanger notes that 600,000 people per day cycled into New York during the transit strike (5x normal volume). This press release (PDF, 35K) goes into detail and makes suggestions on how some of that could be made permanent. Todd also points us to a radio program where this is discussed.

  • Bikes Play Key Role in New York Transit Strike Response

    Vancouver bike advocate Todd Boulanger passes along some notes on how bikes are playing a role in getting commuters in and out of New York City this week. While the official transit strike information site offers little in the way of info for cyclists, Transportation Alternatives (NY’s answer to the BTA?) has a comprehensive information…