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E-book Promotes Transportation Concept

Contributor Jerry Schneider is hosting a new e-book on his web site. For those not familiar with the concept, dual-mode is the idea that you drive your car normally on local streets, but that it coordinates with other vehicles in an automated fashion on higher-speed roads.


Here is a revolutionary solution for traffic congestion, oil depletion and dependency dangers, air-quality and associated global warming problems. Additionally — this book describes how we can first supplement, then surpass, the 50-year old Interstate Highway System, provide a lifeline to the nearly bankrupt American auto companies by offering an evolutionary pathway to a brighter future and shows how to greatly reduce highway deaths and injuries. Dualmode transportation offers a way to reduce substantially all six of these critical national problems in a sector of the economy that is vital to the nation’s future.

Fifty or more inventors and engineers worldwide have been developing “Dualmode Transportation,” a concept in which private cars and most other vehicles could be driven on the streets in the normal manner, but also travel locally and nationally at high speed on an automated, electrified maglev guideway system. All vehicles would be electrically powered in both modes and therefore would not consume fossil fuels or release carbon dioxide and other tailpipe emissions which are so detrimental to human health and exacerbate current global warming trends.

All of the technologies required for this revolution are available now. The problems in building such a system would be sociological and political, not technological. Economics won’t be a barrier either, since the system would not require a public subsidy. At present, the concept is largely unknown and unappreciated by the public and by the leaders of business, industry, and government. Therefore one of the coinventors and designers of the dualmode concept, Francis Reynolds, has written a book that broadly discusses and provides preliminary-design details for a metropolitan-wide, national and eventually international dualmode system. This comprehensive e-book, “THE REVOLUTIONARY DUALMODE TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM,” is now online at

The complete book includes 22 Chapters and associated illustrations and other materials. It can be downloaded at no charge from the award-winning Innovative Transportation Technologies website founded and managed by Dr. Jerry B. Schneider, professor emeritus of Civil Engineering and Urban Planning, University of Washington, Seattle. Schneider is also personally active in the development of dualmode transportation concepts.

According to Reynolds, most of the coinventors of this unique concept are working on it independently, hoping to identify and design the “killer application” of the dualmode concept. Reynolds offers some guidance and many specific details that they all can benefit from, in a readable format that is non-technical and accessible to a broad sector of the public. The dualmode idea is currently our best hope to reduce the heavy negative burden imposed by the six national-scale problems identified above. Reynolds acknowledges that the transportation sector is not the only culprit causing these problems but, as he shows in the book, conventional transportation modes are certainly a very serious contributor to these problems and need our full attention.

Note to Editors and Readers: Since people with a serious interest in contacting Francis Reynolds will find his e-mail address in the book, please don’t publish (print and/or Internet) any of the following information other than his name.

Francis D. Reynolds, PE.
3802 127th Ave. NE.
Bellevue, WA 98005, USA

Evil Parking Technology?

Folks who complained about Portland’s new parking paystations removing the chance to find a meter with time left on it (instead you drive away with your extra time on your window and can use it at another parking space) may consider themselves lucky.

Jerry passes on this article about a technology to reset those meters to zero when you drive away!

Not so sci-fi. The developer of the controversial parking structure proposed just off NW 23rd has indicated that the spaces will have loop detectors so signage outside the structure can display the number of available spaces.

Enhanced Hybrids in Austin

Jerry passes along the following:

On August 22, the City of Austin launched its “Plug-In Austin”
campaign, a community-wide push to promote mass production of plug-in hybrid vehicles that combine the gas-electric hybrid technology with a larger battery that can be recharged through a standard wall socket. Alliance Associate Austin Energy has donated $1 million to help purchase the first round of plug-ins. The vehicles could reduce annual gasoline consumption by up to 70 percent, and be more cost-effective than hybrid or conventional vehicles.
More information or to sign petition in support: