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Flexcar, Zipcar to Merge

This hit my mailbox this morning:

We’re thrilled today to announce some big news: Flexcar will be merging with Zipcar, another U.S.-based car-sharing company.

This is good news for you for several reasons, including: more markets, more vehicles, and enhanced technology. Your membership will soon enable you to reserve shared
cars in New York, Boston, Toronto, Vancouver—even London! We’ll be incorporating
Zipcar’s award-winning technology, which will make it even easier to find, reserve, and
unlock cars.

There’s more detail and links to Q&A here.

Given some of the Q&A, it sounds more like Flexcar is being acquired, or at least that in the end we’ll all be using the ZipCar technology, branding and web site :-)

Survey shows broad support for Transit Expansion, Road Maintenance

The 2007 Growth and Transportation Survey, sponsored by the National Association of Realtors and Smart Growth America, reveals some interesting results:

75% of those polled said that improving public transportation and building communities that don’t require as much driving were better long-term solutions for reducing traffic. Only 21% said that building new roads provided the best solution.

…Nearly 90% believe new communities should b designed so we can walk more and drive less…

At 84% against, Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to the privatization of public roads and highways.

(Hat tip: Urban Planning Overlord blog.)