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Debunking Squared

Earlier this year the Cato Institute published a “Debunking Portland” report by Randall O’Toole. The Congress for New Urbanism has now published a “Debunking Cato” report that refutes many of the assertions of O’Toole’s report.

While I’m glad someone has our back, I’d rather just keep putting energy into making Portland better.

At a Crossroads

If you have not already noticed in the local media and blogosphere – you should in the next day or so – I’m embarking on a new project.

I won’t talk about it here, as electoral politics are not appropriate for a blog organized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

But the upshot is that I’m going to have significantly less time to devote to Portland Transport. So one of two things is going to happen:

1) Other people can step up to fill the gap – Portland Transport was envisioned as a multi-contributor blog from the beginning. Or…

2) Postings will become much less frequent.

Who’s ready to step up and become a contributor? No worries, we’ll help you get started! Get in touch at

Sprawl Will Trump Fuel Efficiency

Via Planetizen:

A new report (as reported in the Detroit Free Press) from the Urban Land Institute suggests that increased Vehicle Miles Traveled due to sprawl will increase greenhouse gas production faster than more efficient vehicles will reduce them.

Compare that to our region, where we are keeping VMT constant or reducing it slightly even as our population grows. Land Use planning is going to be critical to dealing with Global Warming.