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Help Drive Transportation Policy

It’s time for Metro to select three new Citizen Representatives for TPAC (half of the 6 citizens on the committee). This is a great opportunity both to learn more about how transportation works in our region (I can attest to that personally, having served for 3 years) and a chance to help guide policy in this important area:

Dear Interested Citizen:

The Transportation Policy Alternatives Committee (TPAC) has three seats open for citizen representatives. TPAC provides technical input to the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation (JPACT) that in turn makes recommendations on transportation planning issues to the Metro Council.

TPAC seeks citizen representatives with a strong interest or expertise in transportation issues and who can commit to attending regular meetings held during normal working hours.

You may apply online at: or to receive an application form by fax or mail, contact Pat Emmerson at: 503-797-1551 or

Please let others know about this opportunity.

Applications are due Friday, October 13, 2006, by 5 p.m.


Rex Burkholder


Development Plan for an Alternative Columbia Crossing

Will Macht is an Adjunct Professor in the College or Urban & Public Affairs at Portland State University teaching courses in real estate development planning. The Urban Land Institute has published over 60 of his articles in Urban Land and in a book entitled “Remaking the Urban Waterfront”.

Will has produced an opinion piece (PDF, 961K) on how an alternative Columbia Crossing near the existing rail bridge could stimulate a major high density urban development in the “Quayside” area of Vancouver’s waterfront.