Author: jschneider

  • Rubber Roads

    Apparently recycled rubber is not just for basketball courts. Jerry passes along this link about recycling tires into rubber roads and railbeds.

  • Pushing for Plug-in Hybrids

    Jerry passes along word that a number of states are creating incentives for plug-in hybrids and asks if Oregon should do the same. Minnesota and South Carolina Promote Plug-in Hybrids, Alt Fuels Plug-in hybrid vehicles have received a lot of attention in recent months, and now two states are prepared to pursue the vehicles, once…

  • Electric Bikes Take Hold in China

    Jerry passes along this article from IEEE Spectrum, apparently indicating that despite government attempts to ban them, electric bikes are thriving in China. My favorite quote from the story describes the U.S. as being in a “bubble” of highways and long-distance travel…

  • Bikes Losing the Battle in China?

    Jerry Schneider passes along a pointer to a story about some Chinese cities outlawing electric bicycles. Apparently they’re congesting the roads for cars. The CBA (Chinese Bicycle Association – wouldn’t BTA love that membership base) is appealing.