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TriMet to start bus service planning/outreach in SE and around Milwaukie MAX

Title says it all.  TriMet is now starting its planning and public outreach activities in preparation of the opening of Portland-Milwaukie MAX next year, and is looking for public input, particularly on the question of how bus service should be reorganized around PMLR.  A set of guidelines for the process can be found here.  The SE quadrant will also be the focus of broader Service Enhancement Planning (SEP) activities in 2015.  (This calendar year, the focus will be in the SW quadrant, in harmony with the SW Corridor).

But back to the SE.  The things noted in the guidelines look appropriate to me; major issues being considered include:

  • Minimizing duplicative bus service following the general Portland-Milwaukie alignment
  • Limiting the number of bus lines that end in downtown Milwaukie. Instead, some north-south lines could connect with east-west lines to create longer routes.
  • Moving three bus lines onto the new light rail bridge, allowing these lines to avoid traffic congestion on and around the Ross Island Bridge

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A Little Wonkery From One of Our Own

The PSU Winter Transportation Seminar Series kicks off with a panel of student presentations, including one from Portland Transport contributor Zef Wagner:

Speakers: Nick Foster, Christopher Muhs and Zef Wagner, Portland State University
Topics: Evaluating Driver and Pedestrian Behaviors at Enhanced Multilane Midblock Pedestrian Crossings: Case Studies in Portland, OR — Bicycling is Different: Built Environment Relationships to Nonwork Travel — Benefit-Cost Evaluation Method for Transit Stop Removal
When: Friday, January 10, 2014, 12-1 p.m.
Where: PSU Urban Center Building, SW 6th and Mill, Room 204
Abstracts: Abstracts for each of these topics can be found here.

Portland State University
Winter 2014 Transportation Seminars