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What’s the VMT of Your Garbage?

Via The Overhead Wire:

The Atlantic Cities has a piece about trying to minimize the energy/emission footprint of transporting garbage, and looks at New York City’s efforts to shift from hauling garbage to landfills in trucks to moving it on barges.

Our region has a similar challenge. Our landfill in is in Gilliam County, east of the Dalles. During David Bragdon’s tenure as Metro President, he was interested in the possibilities of barge transport up the Columbia, but our garbage (the portion that is not recycled, which is generally smaller than in other places) is still trucked up the gorge, albeit with a lot of measures to reduce the footprint.

Open Thread for week of 9/29/2013

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C-Tran Reviews CRC Financing Plan

This could be a critical meeting for the Columbia River Crossing since one of the requirements for the Federal application is identifying the source of operating funding for the Light Rail Component.

The C-Tran board meets tomorrow night to review options for financing the operations. It’s unclear to me whether or not they will actually vote on a plan. Here’s coverage in the Columbian of the meeting and outline of the plan options.

Meeting details:

 7 p.m. Thursday, September 26th
Vancouver Community Library
901 C St.