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CRC Lane Refresher


I don’t think this is new, but it showed up recently in the RSS feed on Mayor Adams’ site (probably a link from a blog post), and I thought a refresher might be in order.

Click on the thumbnail to see the full image, and understand where lanes get added as we move from the current bridge to 8, 10 or 12 lanes on the Columbia River Crossing.

Tab A Now Fits in Slot B

Warning: this is a little techno-geeky. But it’s a significant win for those of us who care about open transit data.

Until very recently, you could get a TriMet data feed for your transit application without any problem, and you could get NextBus data for Streetcar arrivals, as long as your application was non-commercial.

But NextBus has now published new terms of service that do not limit commercial applications. You can access these from the Portland/Regional CivicApps datasets page (requires login).

If you haven’t seen CivicApps yet, check it out, a wealth of public data is now coming online for your consumption!

Next up – getting the Streetcar data included in TriMet’s arrival feed so you only need to access one feed (the obstacle to this is NOT technical)…