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Cash for Clunkers, What’s a Sustainable Transportation Geek Supposed to Think?

The news was a-twitter (no, not Twitter, the old-fashioned a-twitter) this weekend that the “Cash for Clunkers” program from the Stimulus is apparently so popular that it blew through the available funding in 5 days and Congress is tripping over itself to approve another $2B in funding (or as we say around here, one-half of a CRC).

Is this good or bad?

Good: Total fuel economy of fleet will improve

Bad: Standards for improvement of fuel economy are not high

Good: Sell more fuel efficient cars

Bad: Makes cars cheaper

Good: Turned in cars must be scrapped

Bad: Scrapping turned in cars wastes the energy that when into building them

Good: Extended program may include higher fuel economy improvement standards

Good/Bad??? Funds to extend the program are apparently being take from ethanol subsidies

My head is spinning…